Our Farm, Your Table: Delivering Fresh Produce to Your Home in Northern VA and Washington DC

Growing Philosophy


Shallowbrooke Farm is committed to providing you with the freshest, healthiest, food that we can. Our produce is picked within 48 hours of being delivered to your door. It has traveled less than 60 miles and is full of nutritional value. It is sorted so that you get the best of what our farm has to offer. The farm crew works very hard to keep our soil healthy naturally. We use cover crops to help eliminate weeds, and to put needed nutrients back into the soil. Our plants are started form organic seed, non gmo seed.

We always get the question, Are you Organic? This, in my opinion, is a loaded question. The answer is No, we are not organic. Let me explain our feelings on this matter. We are a small farm and we refrain from using as many chemicals as possible. These chemicals are very expensive and they adversely affect our bottom line. Most of the produce grown early in the spring will never see any spray. The produce grown in the heat of the summer is affected more by weather conditions. I always have to ask what is important to YOU, about organic? If you answer no spray, you might be fooled because organics use spray and often the same spray conventional farmers will use. In our case if we need outside help from a spray, we use only what is needed of the safest products we can find.

Organic certification requires a third party approval process. This process is designed for large farms that can easily fold the paperwork required into their cost of doing business. This certification does not allow for how fresh the produce is, how far it was shipped, or quite frankly the wage that the employees were paid who picked it.

Shallowbrooke Farm strives to develop a personal relationship with its customers. We feel that bridging this relationship is extremely important. When we talk about the whys or why not’s, our customers are always satisfied that they are in good hands.