Our Farm, Your Table: Delivering Fresh Produce to Your Home in Northern VA and Washington DC

How Our CSA Works


Are you thinking about signing up for a CSA but wanting to learn more about the concept before signing up? Check this out.

Shallowbrooke Farm provides our members with fresh produce each week while giving our farm a committed income and a direct connection between the farm and our members. When you sign up for a share, you commit yourself to being our customer for the season of 20 weeks. This provides us with a secure market, which is very welcome in the unstable world of agriculture. We are also dedicating ourselves to being your farmer.

We'd like our members to be able to learn about local produce, farming, and the farm family. We do all the work necessary to plant, grow, harvest, wash and deliver the produce. In return for the purchase of a season membership, each member receives a weekly share of the farm's harvest. You get to enjoy healthy, in-season fruits vegetables, fresh from the farm, without all the work.